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It's possible the English version will not as updated as the Spanish one.


It started like a Electronics Engeneering Thesis in University of Granada, programmed using Matlab under Microsoft Windows. When I fished it, I published it at into a section he opened for me: , I upload the source code and a compiled version, but there is a problem: you need Matlab to run it, in source version or compilated, as well, because it uses about 10MB in shared dll's which I cannot publish in Interenet. Because that I decided made a few modifications in order to run under octave.

Main Diferencess between both versions.


All documentation is available at, I only provide the main algorytm (sorry, it is written in Spanish).


Presentation & examples.

User Manual

The instructions are very easy: from octave run the script wave2mid.m, or unzip it and run the file wave2mid if you have octave installed on your system. You have to edit the config.pbg file and change some parameteres. I am working in the improvement of the interface, but it is still in text mode.


The main limit is speed, it's very slow (Both octave and matlab are very slow to run for loops), and autocorrelation a very expensive (memory & CPU) function.

Another limit is that it only converts wav files, it can not read another types like au, mp3, ogg... I want to improve this, but I'm not working on it